Entrepreneurship, it’s about being in control.

Sitting in the airport as I typed I realised why I love the entrepreneurial way.

I awoke early, got ready early, made sure I had plenty of time as the task I had was important at my destination.

I found myself all prepared for being on time if not well earlier than needed. 

Of course flight delayed! At this it made me realise the main reason for taking the entrepreneurial leap. The reason, that I was in total control. Each high and low, each decision, each move I was not allowing any outcome to be effected by the hand of anyone else. The flight was delayed, I could not do a thing about it. My entrepreneurial spirit kicked in, though I could do nothing, I felt I needed to do something to push the situation forward.

It’s about fate, short term and long term. My destiny is my own hands, I do not allow my life/career to be dictated by another person.