To tweet or not to tweet? That is the question.

Recently burning my thumbs out on Twitter, getting nowhere and the only achievement was thumb cramps I had to step back and take a look at Twitter and what it was good for in my business. I had a few different accounts for different purposes, the one focused on in this post is a app that I developed. The app is a tongue in cheek motivational app, I was tweeting away too gain traction as a marketing strategy, when I stepped back and thought to myself, ‘who is my audience and where are they?’.Twitter audiences are narrowing down as time goes on, at the moment I am seeing a lot of b2b, journalism, professional hashtag communities for queries etc. I thought to myself where is my audience? Who and what is my audience? 

My audience for a motivational app are mostly young, gym junkies, wanna be achievers with a sense of humor. These people obviously on Instagram where they can show themselves off. My marketing efforts went from no results straight to big results, all because of taking a step back and looking at MY target audience rather than just following what everyone else was doing..

So, is Twitter for you? I don’t know, take a look at your audience and find where they are. What social media benefits them? That’s where they will be.