2 Steps To Beat Goal Distractions

It’s very frustrating when you have had the 6 months to a year of total goal striving motivation then somehow it just disappears in to thin air.
You suddenly find yourself being distracted by anything and everything. You know inside the passion is still there, but what has happened and how do you make your goals a priority once again.
Here are a few keys to get back on top and striving for what you want to be and where you want to be:

People: The number one thing I believe to keep you focused and/or get you back on track to strive for your goals is surround yourself with like minded people, the art of striving toward goals definitely rubs off on people and moves from person to person like infectious disease. Even just sharing ideas and goals between two people can’t be a massive motivation.

Distractions from your distractions:
Sometimes we find ourselves distracted by everyday things even like tv shows/shopping/family/work. I believe you need to strike first. A good way to do this is the good old sticky note or just reminder notes and hand written posters so you see these before you see the goal distractions.
This is so simple but is guaranteed to work.