A short read that could change the world of business

Isn’t it obvious why your company growth has plateaued?
You have surrounded yourself with a team that learnt out of the same text books and are now copying other businesses with people that learnt out of those same texts books.
Isn’t it time to hire outside of the box? Businesses seem to always say ‘think outside of the box’ but yet will only hire people that have had the same tertiary qualifications, a certain amount of experience in exactly the same roll in a similar company etc.
The fact that you won’t hire outside of the box is why your company growth stays in the box.

What if I told you that most of the people with free flowing ideas weren’t pushed into thinking a generic way by doing such things as tertiary education because their minds would not let them. They struggled to do the things that our education system forces them to do because their creative minds were too advanced for this system.
Imagine a business grabbing a hold of such people an nurturing those minds allowing them to express their creativity and ideas. Just think about the giant leaps forward the business world would make if we would hire outside of the box.
Imagine your company stepping outside of the box that most companies will never do.
Take a risk in hiring someone without the right list of text books that they can only source from.

It’s not the average, common people that make the world exciting, it’s the rebels, the creative, the people that don’t fit the mold.
The business world is exactly the same…

Levi Robinson